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Finance and I.T Consultancy

We have dedicated and experienced team of I.T and Finance professionals which have experience of business and technical operation for public sector and commercial organizations.


ERP Solution

We Provide Esol ERP enterprise solution for companies, to use in their call centers and warehouse to keep track of Inventory, Customers and order management. It’s included the following fully integrated modules like Accounts, Customer Management, Order Management, Catalogue Management, Point of Sales, Purchase, Products Management, Packing, List Management, Barcode Generation and Catalogue Management.

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    Planning is an important task in creating a software program is extracting the requirements or requirements analysis.

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    Deployment starts directly after the code is appropriately tested, approved for release, and sold or otherwise distributed into a production environment

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    Testing of parts of software, especially where code by two different engineers must work together, falls to the software engineer.

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    Deliver the final product after testing to client.